Stila – Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss


Above: Merlot Vinyl (Berry Wine)


Above: Hot Pink Vinyl (Fluorescent Hot Pink)

Let me just say AMAZE BALLS! Recently, i was on YouTube, & came across a review of these bad boys! I love lipstick because it is long wearing, and mostly pigmented. I never really liked gloss because some are sticky and some are just .. ehhh .. not colorful. I stopped by my favorite Sephora & picked up two colors. They have a few nice colors, but being that they are $24 a piece – i’ll just hold off on the other colors LOL. These “glosses” are not sticky, they are SUPER OPAQUE & very VERY long wearing.  Gloss won’t dry out lips thanks to the infusion of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as seaweed extract and green coffee oil. Simply apply onto lips for color and shine that stays in place throughout the day. The swatches above are JUST ONE APPLICATION!!! I can eat, drink, sleep, do whatever & it’ll stain my lips. Would I recommend these to anyone?! YES! it doesn’t smell (some glosses smell yucky and i can’t stand it!) & taste like berries? LOL – GO GET YOURS NOW! Spring & Summer are coming up, you NEED bold colors & can NOT go wrong with these 😀 These would go perfect with a very simple eye look for example -winged eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow.

LimeCrime Red Velvet Velvetine


What can i say about this beauty?! I LOVE it! It is the perfect red. It is cool toned which gives that blue tint to it. The formulation is exactly the same as the suedeberry color i reviewed in a few previous posts! If you are looking for a red stain, this is it!

Clarisonic Mia 2!


I wanted to take the chance and talk about my favorite cleansing tool ever!! It is the Clarisonic Mia 2! Probably the best investment I’ve ever made. Although, it was around $200 or maybe more (don’t remember exactly!) I don’t regret buying this. I once had severe acne. I’ve tried many products like proactive, clean & clear etc. but nothing really worked and made my skin worse. I even tried certain home remedies – but no luck. When I started working at sephora, we were having a clarisonic event, I had to demo and try to sell as many as I could. By the end of the day, I was sold myself. I splurged and I bought it. Now remember, this is a form of exfoliation so you DON’T want to do this everyday. It can be very harsh on the skin. I use the clarisonic in conjunction with my favorite cleanser. After a few weeks of using it I saw a difference in my skin. It was brighter, it got every inch of dirt and makeup off and my acne started to clear up. I swear by this and recommend it to everyone! Get yours at your local sephora or Macy’s!

Sugarpill Cosmetics – Elektrocutes :]



I love bright colors and I love pigments. You can do many things with pigments, you can mix the colors up, use them as gloss, nail polish, you name it. When Sugarpill Cosmetics announced the release of these new pigments I went crazy! They are MATTE and have GLITTER in them. Yes, you read right, glitter and matte?! SAY WHAT?! Anyways, I went ahead and purchased these. In the pictures above I created a look and swatched them as well. The names of these pigments are the following (L-R): Sparkage, Hi-Viz, Supercharged, Love Buzz, and Hellatronic!

These pigments are PIGMENTED. I wouldn’t recommend using them wet since they are matte. Just be sure to use a really good primer and a nice white eyeshadow base. ONE thing I wasn’t pleased about was the glitter part of it. I was expecting the glitter to stick, but after awhile, it did fall off. BUT over all, I love them!