Sugarpill Cosmetics – Elektrocutes :]



I love bright colors and I love pigments. You can do many things with pigments, you can mix the colors up, use them as gloss, nail polish, you name it. When Sugarpill Cosmetics announced the release of these new pigments I went crazy! They are MATTE and have GLITTER in them. Yes, you read right, glitter and matte?! SAY WHAT?! Anyways, I went ahead and purchased these. In the pictures above I created a look and swatched them as well. The names of these pigments are the following (L-R): Sparkage, Hi-Viz, Supercharged, Love Buzz, and Hellatronic!

These pigments are PIGMENTED. I wouldn’t recommend using them wet since they are matte. Just be sure to use a really good primer and a nice white eyeshadow base. ONE thing I wasn’t pleased about was the glitter part of it. I was expecting the glitter to stick, but after awhile, it did fall off. BUT over all, I love them!

Cargo – Let’s go to Tahiti ;]


Soooo …. Back in my sephora days we once carried CARGO in our store. I’m not going to lie, but I was not that impressed with some of their stuff. Their foundations were awesome but everything else was pretty much .. Meh! The ONE thing that caught my eye was this palette though! There are a few things that you guys will learn about me, & that is the following: I LOVE blue & I am OBSESSED with eyeshadow. When I saw this palette I had to have it. These colors are stunning. The pigmentation is phenomenal and when applied it is true to it’s color. Sadly, you can’t find cargo everywhere, but would I purchase this palette again if I hit pan?! HECK YEAH I would! I honestly, would recommend this palette to anyone, whether it is for your kit or for yourself. These colors look amazing on every skin tone! Bottom line: if you can get your hands on this palette – DO iT!!